Dial this combination when you miss a call and would like to see whose call it was.

Anonymous Call Rejection
Callers who block their numbers will be rejected when they attempt to contact you. They will be prompted to unblock their number in order to reach you.

Busy Redial
You no longer have to wait for busy numbers to ring through. This feature will continue dialing a busy number for u to thirty minutes, and will notify you by ringing when the call goes through.

Call Block
Select and program up to six numbers you wish to block.

Call Forwarding – Busy
Program your phone to route incoming calls to a different number when the original number is busy.

Call Forwarding – Busy/Don't Answer
This feature routes incoming calls to a secondary phone number when your primary number is busy or you can't make it to the phone on time.

Call Forwarding – Don't Answer
Incoming calls will be forwarded to a different destination phone number when you are too busy to answer the phone.

Calling Card
Make calls from any cell or touch tone phone using your access number.

Call Gate
Call Gate allows for greater control over the outgoing calls made from your home phone service. You can also make adjustments and modifications to how you use this feature.

Call Intercept
This feature screens and rejects incoming anonymous calls en route to your number. These callers will hear one of a variety of automated informative and instructive messages in lieu of receiving clearance to ring through to your number. *This feature requires Caller ID service.

Call Trace
This feature is for the tracking of nuisance calls you are receiving. These calls are then logged with the Verizon Unlawful Call Center, where your complaint can be registered. Further action can then be taken up with law enforcement.

Call Waiting, Cancel Call Waiting and Talking Call Waiting
Call Waiting is a feature that allows you to choose to remain on the call you're already on, or, take the second incoming call. If you prefer, you can cancel the Call Waiting feature by entering a unique number code. Also, enhance your standard Call Waiting with the Talking Call Waiting feature, which activated an audio announcement of the caller's identity which follows the Call Waiting tone.

Call Waiting ID
The identity of incoming callers is revealed on your digital display for the purpose of enabling you to decide if you wish to answer or ignore the second call.

Call Waiting ID Deluxe
This feature helps you manage your calls by displaying information about who is calling you and provides you with options for handling the call.

Distinctive Ring – 1 Number & Distinctive Ring 3 Numbers
Identify up to 3 callers (and the person at your number who they are trying to reach) by selecting a ringtone which will set them apart from other callers.

Do Not Disturb
The Do Not Disturb feature is a wonderful alternative for those times when you absolutely cannot be interrupted by incoming callers. Do Not Disturb is activated manually by you.

Fixed Call Forwarding
Route all calls to your alternate phone number, regardless of whether or not you're busy or can't answer the phone. Alternately, you can opt to send calls to your cell phone or Home Voice Mail mailbox.

Home Intercom
Home Intercom allows you to talk to other people in your house on any phone extension. Use Home Intercom in your large home to communicate with others without raising your voice.

Home Voice Mail
Missed calls are routed to voicemail with room for up to 30 messages. You can access your messages from any touch-tone phone.

Home Voice Mail with Multiple Mailboxes
This is standard Voice Mail with 3 additional voicemail boxes and up to 50 message storage capacity. This is available with or without Call Forwarding.

Intercom Extra
Communicate with the other people in your home by using additional features in tandem with Home Intercom. You will be able to use: Intercom Code Dialing, Selective Call Transfer, Call Hold and Three-Way Calling.

One Point Voice Mail (Multiple Number Service)
Have one master Voice Mail to retrieve messages from up to five telephone numbers – now you can route messaging of your Verizon wireless, additional line, home phone, vacation home, etc. to this Voice Mail box. Receive special alerts when there are messages waiting.

Per Call Blocking
This feature allows you to block your phone number from being displayed and revealing your identity. Choose to enable Per Call Blocking with each outgoing call you make, or not.

Per Line Blocking/All Call Blocking
If you choose this feature, your name and number will not appear on the majority of phone calls you make, unless you specifically choose to unblock it, on a case-by-case basis.

Phone-In Card
Make calls to your home phone number from anywhere. This is good for families with kids in college or families with members who travel often.

Priority Call
This feature allows you to program up to six numbers to ring in a distinctive tone. This is useful for the immediate identification of your callers.

Pulse Dialing
An alternative dialing system that works with some push-button and rotary phones.

Select Call Forwarding
Activate this feature to reroute the incoming calls of up to six phone numbers to an alternate number for those times when you are away from your primary telephone number. Turn this feature on and off, and also, change up the numbers whose calls you wish to forward, at your leisure.

Speed Dialing 8
Program your eight most frequently called numbers to be immediately retrievable and called with the press of just one button.

Speed Dialing 30
Program up to 30 of your most frequently called telephone numbers with a 2-digit code that can be pressed in lieu of the 10 digits you would call otherwise.

Three-Way Calling
Now three separate parties at three separate locations can talk on the line at once.

Touch Tone Service
Transform your non-touch tone key pad into touch tone! When you press the buttons of your push button (and others) telephone, the signal is transmitted and received as if it were touch tone. This allows you to enjoy all your regular activities, like online banking, etc.

Ultra Forward
This feature enables you to program the numbers whose calls you wish to forward to an alternate number, from virtually any touch-tone phone.

Wireless Notification
Your Verizon cell phone will receive a text message whenever there is a voice mail message on your home phone line.