†Services may be subject to credit review. Rates may increase after first year. Additional charges, taxes and terms may apply.


VERIZON FLAT RATES, LOCAL PACKAGE RATES, LOCAL PACKAGE UNLIMITED RATES, REGIONAL PACKAGE RATES AND REGIONAL PACKAGE UNLIMITED RATES: Additional charges may apply and will vary depending on your service area (e.g., extended area calling service). Taxes, fees and other charges apply. Consult the local Verizon White Pages Directory for detailed information on your regional calling area. There is no one-time charge to establish Verizon Local Package or Verizon Regional Package Unlimited. There may be a premise visit charge for installation, should it be required. You can change your service elections at any time, without any service fees. There may be additional usage charges for some of the features. Certain call types may also be excluded. All features are subject to availability and compatibility restrictions.


Verizon maintains the wire up to the connecting block as part of basic service. Wire beyond that point is the responsibility of the customer. You have the option to repair it on your own, hire someone to do it, hire Verizon at an additional charge or repairs can be covered by one of Verizon’s maintenance Plans.


You have the option to rewire or install the jacks yourself, hire a contractor or allow Verizon to do the work at an additional cost. Contact Verizon for more details.
LIFELINE:In certain areas, there is a Lifeline plan that provides assistance on basic service. You may qualify if you belong to certain programs or meet certain income requirements (i.e. Medicaid, Food Stamps, Supplemental Security Income, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Federal Public Housing/Section 8 Assistance).
TOLL CAP LIMITS:If Verizon is unable to verify the information submitted, a Toll Cap Limit will be added to your account for calls made to outside of your area. If you exceed $200.00 for these toll calls, your line will be blocked. Once payment is received, the block will be removed. After you have established a good payment record with Verizon for 9 consecutive months, it will be permanently removed.